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Calibration laboratory for radioactivity measuring instruments

We test and calibrate your radioactivity meters. Our calibration laboratory is a certified testing laboratory and can therefore inspect any radioactivity meter. These may be devices of the brand Gihmm or Bitt, but also third-party devices. Regular calibration ensures the long-term measurement accuracy of your equipment and meets the certification requirements and standards.

Why calibrate?

In environmental monitoring, hospitals, emergency services, industry, science & research or just in private use: there are instruments for measuring dose rates everywhere. Of course, you want to be sure that the instruments you use are working properly.

Our calibration laboratory is ideally suited for this. It is checked whether the specified tolerance for the respective measuring device is adhered to and how exactly the device measures. Then it will be calibrated properly again.

We issue accredited calibration certificates (officially recognized certificates) for the measured quantity of ambient dose equivalent rate.

Our calibration laboratory offers in detail

  • Cs-137 irradiation facility
  • Measuring range over many orders of magnitude
  • decades of experience
  • officially and internationally recognized calibration certificates – since 2008 accredited according to ISO17025 for the measure ambient dose equivalent rate
  • professional support

Calibration procedure

The calibration is performed in a Cs-137 channel. By varying the distance between the source and the device to be calibrated different dose rates can be achieved in a measurement range of 300 nSv/h to 10 Sv/h. For calibration of less than 5 µSv/h the natural background is specifically considered.


The Austrian radiation early warning system has relied on our expertise for many years. Over 300 gamma probes are regularly checked and calibrated in our laboratory.